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Business & Professional Greens

About us

The Business & Professional Greens (Biz-Pro Greens) are a network of Green Party members committed to promoting sustainability in economic planning and business.

While it seeks action particularly by business and professionals within the Party, all members who have an active interest in these goals are welcome to join.

The Green Party has a substantive policy base which we will support by networking and strengthening the links between the economic and business sector and the Party. The Group will also inform the Green membership generally about the importance of a move away from traditional economic thinking, and the critical role business plays in that respect. It will seek to embed better business practice, and other opportunities for positive engagement.

The Network will highlight:

(1) the ecological model of macro-economic planning as the path to sustainability; and

(2) the breadth of green business models available and the ways they can address sustainability, including cooperatives, social enterprise, SMEs and larger corporates.

See : Economic Policy

Sustainable Business Policy Summary

Key Principles

  • Modify the prevailing anthropocentric worldview with a more significant eco-centric dimension
  • Regard the economy as a sub-set of society which is a sub-set of the environment
  • Promote sustainability as the supreme value of economic activity
  • Promote ecological economics as the model for sustainable macro-economic (fiscal and monetary) and micro-economic activity
  • Support and educate businesses to adopt sustainability as a core value
  • Protect business from outright competition with products and services from countries with poor human and worker rights records and with poor environmental practices
  • Encourage public and private investment in sustainable businesses
  • Promote public recognition and pride in New Zealand companies
  • Support New Zealand's manufacturing base
  • Make it easier for businesses to invest in appropriate technology and research
  • Make compliance easier, especially for small and medium enterprises

Biz-Pro Greens will establish an e-mail list and a Facebook page, and will meet on occasion (typically at scheduled party events) to plan activities and to network.

Kennedy Graham and David Clendon are the original co-convenors.

Ken is Associate Spokesperson for Economics and Dave is the MP responsible for Sustainable Business

Contact Us

If you would like to join the group, visit the Business and Professional Greens networking group on the My Greens website.

Or if you have any questions or comments contact: Kennedy Graham - kennedy [dot] graham [at] greens [dot] org [dot] nz or Dave Clendon - david [dot] clendon [at] greens [dot] org [dot] nz

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