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Business & Professional Greens

The Business & Professional Greens (Biz-Pro Greens) is a network of Green Party members committed to promoting sustainability and new ways of thinking in economic policy, business and professional work. All members who have an active interest in these goals are welcome to join the network.

The network aims to strengthen links between the business and professional sectors in New Zealand and the Party. It has 10 priority actions:

  1. Activate business and professional members within the Party through regular updates, a private Facebook group, and annual national network gatherings
  2. Share knowledge of the Party's policies for A Smart Economy and contribute to policy development conversations across the board
  3. Connect with other Party networks to share ideas and thinking across sectors, strengthening new ways of working together
  4. Build relationships with the business and professional community by encouraging members to join local networking groups, presenting a human face of the Greens (including wearing small Greens lapel pins) and demonstrating two-way listening
  5. Connect with sustainable business organisations, e.g. Sustainable Business Network, Sustainable Business Council, Green Building Council, Pure Advantage, including generating a database of Green Party members who are strongly associated with these organisations
  6. Participate in others' or host our own business outreach events to create connections between the Greens and the wider community in conjunction with MPs, including offering guest speakers on green topics
  7. Host membership and fundraising events for the Party targeting sympathetic business and professional interests (Note, this is required to be independent to the Parliamentary team.)
  8. Encourage engagement in new economic and business models through internal discussion and sharing information through all the Party's petals and at hui, plus contribute to MPs and policy discussions looking for positive business outcomes
  9. Identify local leads in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch and hold three gatherings per year in these locations to encourage networking
  10. Grow our network membership - target: grow from 62 (March 2016) to 150 (December 2016).

The network will support the Green Party's policies for A Smarter Economy, which include specific policies on transport, innovation, energy, digital manufacturing, an investment bank, ICT (information, communications and technology), business tax breaks for clean transport and others. The two overarching policies, economic and sustainable business, are presented in summary below.


  • We will live within our means, sustaining our natural capital through measures like a commercial levy on the use of water.
  • We will create a fairer, more equal society through a strongly progressive tax system, raising the minimum wage, and by building more state houses.
  • We will create a more productive economy through measures like a capital gains tax (excluding the family home).
  • We'll create jobs that are good for the environment and good for people through business incentives and direct government investment.

Sustainable Business:

  • Smart sustainable business delivers real prosperity for everyone.
  • By supporting New Zealand's small business and manufacturing industries we can create jobs that are good for the environment and good for people.
  • Through educating businesses to adopt sustainability as a core value we can create a more prosperous and equal society.
  • Business is not just about profit but about people too.


The network was originally established in 2008 by MPs Kennedy Graham and David Clendon. It was reinvigorated in 2016 by a team led by Susanne Ruthven. Today Guy Hunt (Auckland) and Nicola Patrick (Whanganui) are its co-convenors.

To join the network, sign up via the mygreens website (with your password) under Groups:

Network members hold group discussions by emailing biz-pro [at] my [dot] greens [dot] org [dot] nz. These can be viewed online at mygreens.

Contact the network co-convenors, Guy and Nicola on biz-pro [dot] convenors [at] greens [dot] org [dot] nz.

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