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Green Party Aspirations

Green Party

Aspirations for our work

  1. Each of us is aware of the land, water, air, energy and materials we use, knows how to use them sustainably, and takes responsibility for doing so.
  2. A thriving new economy, rich in creativity and meaningful work, results from business and the community sector embracing their social and environmental responsibilities.
  3. Government uses indicators of quality of life and human and environmental wellbeing to measure economic success.
  4. We understand our different histories and have developed local and national relationships that are grounded in Te Tiriti o Waitangi.
  5. People are secure that their essential needs will be met, and they have the time, resources and ability to participate in their communities and develop their potential.
  6. Negotiation, mediation and peacemaking are the primary means of resolving conflict.
  7. Our unique plants, animals and ecosystems flourish as the scale of human impact is reduced.
  8. Energy demand is stabilised and supplied from renewable resources.
  9. All rubbish becomes resources; toxic substances which do not break down harmlessly are phased out.
  10. Food production, processing and distribution are environmentally sustainable and provide a healthy, affordable diet for all.
  11. Power imbalances are reduced and resources are shared more equally.
  12. Those who have plenty learn to say "enough" so that all may have enough.
  13. Science and technology serve human needs and the biosphere within an ethical framework.
  14. We nurture creativity, wisdom and life-long learning.
  15. The main focus of New Zealand's international work is environmental integrity, peace, justice and human rights.
  16. We protect our sovereignty and enhance sustainability by controlling corporate power in the public interest, limiting foreign control of our land and becoming more self-reliant.
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