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Green Achievements 2013

The Green Party's work in 2013 has delivered positive and significant results on the issues that matter to New Zealand.

Government backing of City Rail Link

The Government made a huge backtrack on their opposition to the city rail link in Auckland. After five years of campaigning by the Green Party, the Government have seen the light and agreed to build the rail link. It is a smart green transport solution and we were at the forefront of it.

Oil and gas waste free milk

After the Green Party highlighted on Campbell Live the issue of toxic waste from oil and gas exploration being spread on farms in Taranaki, Fonterra made a promise not to collect milk from any new dairy farms that have this waste spread on them.

Improvements to the Food Bill

Following a huge outcry from foodies around New Zealand, we lobbied Government and achieved positive changes to the Food Bill that will now protect your right to grow and swap food and keep down compliance costs for small businesses.

Opening up of Government banking contract

After years of Green Party pressure, the huge government banking contract will finally be opened up to get better value for money for the New Zealand public instead of sending all the profits to Australian-owned Westpac bank.

Cleaning up toxic sites

In May, Green Party mining spokesperson Catherine Delahunty and Environment Minister Amy Adams attended the closing ceremony at Tui Mine to mark the successful conclusion of the mine clean-up project. The Tui Mine clean-up was part of the toxic site management work conducted under the Memorandum of Understanding between the Green Party and the National Party. Another success of our work with Government has been the on-going development of a national register of contaminated sites.

Warmer drier homes

Our Memorandum of Understanding with National has also meant that over 150,000 New Zealand homes have had insulation installed as part of the Warm Up New Zealand scheme. Researchers found $1.21 billion worth of health benefits from the scheme.

Truth in banana labelling

We were part of the successful call to peel the "ethical choice" labels off Dole bananas after Oxfam released a report detailing just how unethical they were.

Minimising animal testing

We brought to light the issue of animal testing as part of the Psychoactive Substances Bill and have succeeded in forcing the Government to include provisions in the Bill, which while not going as far as we want, will at least restrict animal testing.

Helping New Zealanders to keep our assets

The Green Party was an active part of the Keep Our Assets coalition which collected over 440,000 signatures and delivered them to the Clerk of Parliament in July.

Winning marriage equality

We worked with the many groups to achieve Marriage Equality in New Zealand. As the only party to have marriage equality as policy, we were able to vote all together for it and support MPs from other parties to vote for it as well.

Strengthening International Criminal Court

Kennedy Graham succeeded in passing a motion about New Zealand ratification of the Kampala Amendments to the Rome Statute which will strengthen the International Criminal Court. This was the Government's first public acknowledgement that they will be seeking to ratify the amendments.

Growing New Zealand's cycle trail

There have been thousands of more kilometres of dedicated cycle paths, off-road cycling tracks and on-road cycling routes opened or approved under the Memorandum of Understanding we have with the Government.

Pressure to achieve better health and safety regulations

The changes in the law to provide for a new stand-alone Occupational Health and Safety agency and much tougher regulation of mining have occurred because of the pressure we put on the Government over the Pike River disaster.

Improving ACC

We have been keeping the pressure on the Government to fix ACC. Significant improvements are being made to its culture and the way it treats people. For example, it is now much more likely that specialist medical assessments will be genuinely independent, and claimants are being given a choice over who conducts them.

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