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Green Bills

Members' bills are the main way to introduce legislation from outside of Government. Each MP is able to put forward a bill on any issue that they wish.

In order for the bill to be considered in the House, it needs to be drawn from the Members' bill ballot. The ballot operates a bit like a lucky-dip, with bills randomly drawn from a biscuit tin! At any one time there needs to be eight Members' bills on the Order Paper awaiting their first reading. There is a ballot every second week (or so), after each Members Day. Members Days happen every second Wednesday (or so), when the Members' bills that have been drawn from the ballot are considered.

Below are all Green-authored Members' bills. Bills before the House have been drawn from the ballot and are currently at different stages before the House. Bills in the ballot are waiting to be drawn at the next ballot. There is one for each Green MP. Archived Bills are bills that have previously been in the ballot.

MP Sort Alphabetically Subject Status Sort by Datesort icon
Gareth Hughes MP Internet Rights and Freedoms Bill Parliament and Politics, Information Technology, Research, Science and Technology In the ballot 09 Apr 14
Gareth Hughes MP Electricity Industry (Small-Scale Renewable Distributed Generation) Amendment Bill Energy In the ballot 10 Mar 14
Catherine Delahunty MP Crown Minerals (Homes and Residences Exemption) Amendment Bill Mining Archived 12 Nov 13
Denise Roche MP Waste Minimisation (Television Product Stewardship) Amendment Bill Waste Archived 09 Sep 13
Mojo Mathers MP Psychoactive Substances (Prohibiting Information from Animal Testing) Amendment Bill Animal welfare Archived 01 Aug 13
Russel Norman MP Reserve Bank of New Zealand (Setting Official Cash Rate and Publishing Minutes) Amendment Bill Banking & Finance Archived 18 Jun 13
Eugenie Sage MP Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary Establishment Bill Marine and Oceans In the ballot 18 Jun 13
David Clendon MP Independent Prison Inspectorate Bill Justice Archived 20 May 13
Julie Anne Genter MP Climate Change Response (National Emissions Reduction) Amendment Bill Climate Change In the ballot 20 May 13
Holly Walker MP Education (Student Allowances Availability) Amendment Bill Tertiary Education In the ballot 29 Apr 13
Denise Roche MP Charities (Charities as Advocates) Amendment Bill Community and Voluntary Sector Archived 15 Feb 13
Denise Roche MP Social Security (Principles Recognising Children's Interests as Paramount) Amendment Bill End child poverty, Children's Issues, Inequality, Welfare In the ballot 06 Nov 12
Kevin Hague MP Fisheries (Precautionary Approach) Amendment Bill Marine and Oceans In the ballot 25 Oct 12
Metiria Turei MP Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act 2009 (Application to Casinos) Amendment Bill Archived 18 Oct 12
Catherine Delahunty MP Citizenship (Acknowledgement of Te Tiriti o Waitangi) Amendment Bill Constitutional Issues, Parliament and Politics, Treaty Issues Archived 18 Oct 12
Kevin Hague MP Care of Children (Adoption and Surrogacy Law Reform) Amendment Bill Children's Issues, Parliament and Politics, Rainbow Issues Archived 11 Oct 12
Steffan Browning MP Hazardous Substances and New Organisms (Genetically Modified Organisms Moratorium Reinstatement) Amendment Bill Agriculture, Biosecurity, Genetic Engineering, Organics and Sustainable Agriculture, Research, Science and Technology Archived 05 Sep 12
Kennedy Graham MP International Non-Aggression and the Lawful Use of Force (Implementation of Amendment to the Statute of Rome) Bill Global Affairs, Peace and Conflict Archived 02 Apr 12
Russel Norman MP Reserve Bank of New Zealand (Essential Financial Services) Amendment Bill Economics In the ballot 13 Feb 12
Russel Norman MP Climate Change (New Zealand Superannuation Fund) Bill Climate Change, Economics Archived 09 Feb 12
Holly Walker MP Lobbying Disclosure Bill Archived 07 Feb 12
Denise Roche MP Local Electoral (Finance) Amendment Bill Local Government Archived 07 Feb 12
Kennedy Graham MP Public Finance (Sustainable Development Indicators) Amendment Bill In the ballot 07 Feb 12
Julie Anne Genter MP Land Transport (Give Way to Buses) Bill Transport Archived 07 Feb 12
Mojo Mathers MP Commerce (Code of Practice for Supermarket Grocery Suppliers) Amendment Bill Consumer Issues, Food In the ballot 07 Feb 12
Catherine Delahunty MP Resource Management (Restricted Duration of Certain Discharge and Coastal Permits) Amendment Bill RMA Before the House 07 Feb 12
Gareth Hughes MP Copyright (Parody and Satire) Amendment Bill Information Technology Archived 16 Nov 11
Catherine Delahunty MP Equal Pay Amendment Bill Economics, Inequality, Industrial Relations, Welfare, Women's Issues In the ballot 22 Jun 11
Gareth Hughes MP Climate Change Response (Low Carbon Economic Development) Amendment Bill Climate Change Archived 26 May 11
Metiria Turei MP Te Ture Whenua Maori Amendment Bill Maori issues Archived 09 Dec 10
Metiria Turei MP Income Tax (Universalisation of In-work Tax Credit) Amendment Bill Mind the gap, Inequality, Welfare, The Budget Archived 18 Oct 10
David Clendon MP New Zealand Bill of Rights Amendment Bill Constitutional Issues, Human Rights In the ballot 31 Aug 10
Kennedy Graham MP Register of Pecuniary Interests of Judges Bill Justice Before the House 06 Aug 10
Sue Kedgley MP Animal Welfare (Treatment of Animals) Amendment Bill Animal welfare Archived 05 Aug 10
Catherine Delahunty MP Human Rights (Disability Commissioner) Amendment Bill Disability Issues Archived 05 Aug 10
James Shaw MP Overseas Investment (Restriction on Foreign Ownership of Land) Amendment Bill Foreign Ownership Archived 26 Jul 10
Metiria Turei MP Energy Efficiency Conservation (Warm Healthy Rentals) Amendment Bill Warm healthy rentals, Energy, Housing In the ballot 23 Jul 10
Metiria Turei MP Crown Minerals (Protection of Public Conservation Land Listed in the Fourth Schedule) Amendment Bill Mining, Conservation, Environment Archived 22 Apr 10
David Clendon MP Smart Meters (Consumer Choice) Bill Climate Change, Energy Efficiency, Energy Archived 10 Dec 09
Russel Norman MP Climate Change (Government Vehicle Procurement) Bill Environment Archived 10 Nov 09
Sue Bradford MP Social Security (Benefit Review and Appeal Reform) Amendment Bill Welfare Archived 30 Jul 09
Kennedy Graham MP International Non-Aggression and Lawful Use of Force Bill Constitutional Issues Archived 07 Jul 09
Metiria Turei MP Marine Animals Protection Law Reform Bill Conservation, Marine and Oceans Archived 02 Jul 09
Catherine Delahunty MP Customs and Excise (Sustainable Forestry) Amendment Bill Forestry, Rainforests Archived 18 Jun 09
Sue Bradford MP Citizens Initiated Referenda (Wording of Questions) Amendment Bill Electoral Reform Archived 17 Jun 09
Jeanette Fitzsimons MP Sustainable Biofuel Bill Climate Change, Energy Archived 10 Jun 09
Steffan Browning MP Consumers' Right to Know (Country of Origin of Food) Bill Country of Origin Labelling In the ballot 13 May 09
Metiria Turei MP Gangs and Organised Crime Bill Courts and Corrections, Justice Archived 11 Feb 09
Sue Bradford MP Civics Education and Voting Age Bill Children's Issues, Electoral Reform, Education, Youth Issues Archived 21 Jun 07
Sue Bradford MP Crimes (Substituted Section 59) Amendment Bill - Amendments agreed at Committee Stages Children's Issues, Justice, Welfare Archived 02 May 07
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