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Election 2014

We are serious about delivering a better New Zealand for you.

One that offers good stable jobs in a smart green economy. A compassionate New Zealand where all our kids gown up free from poverty. And one in which we love and protect our amazing natural environment.

Green ideas have come of age. For over a decade the Greens have been working in Parliament, across the political spectrum, to advance smart Green solutions, with lasting benefits for New Zealand.

We are proud that the Green Party is stable and ready to be a big part of a Government brave enough to make the changes you need.

So this election please give your party vote to the Green Party.

Support our campaign

Pitch in to our election campaign! Help ensure that the next Government will include the Greens.

Help fund our creative election campaign.

Our candidates in the order that they are ranked on the Party list. See also: alphabetical list or sort by electorate.

We’re proud of our work that has led good green change.

Campaign team
Who's who, and how to contact them.

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