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The Green Party's 2008 Advertising Campaign

At a media conference in Auckland, on the 5th September, the Green Party launched a simple and powerful advertising campaign for the 2008 election. Photos of the co-leaders at the launch are available.

The campaign is characterised by its strong visual images rather than by text. It features images of our planet and of children in the natural environment. The children and the planet make a direct request to New Zealanders: ‘Vote For Me’ or ‘Vote For Us’.

The ad campaign, which will be widely promoted with a series of billboards, hoardings and newspaper advertisements, goes to the heart of Green politics – and to the heart of the decision kiwi voters face this election

“Children are a lens that highlights the urgent issues we face. They are the voice of the future and speak of the present with simplicity and honesty,” says Green Party co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons.

“Our planet only has a limited amount of natural resources. New Zealanders are enduring rising prices as a result of these dwindling resources. The Green Party have fair and truly sustainable solutions that are better for us, our children, and the planet,” says Ms Fitzsimons.

In past election campaigns, Green Party billboards have had nearly as many words as the new billboard National released this week.

“This time the aim is to make an emotional, heartfelt connection with voters to appeal to them to think about the bigger picture and the solutions the Green Party stands for on Election Day,” says Dr Russel Norman, Green Party Co-Leader.

“Green politics is about more than a set of policies. Green politics is about a new way of thinking about the decisions we make, in Parliament and in our everyday lives,” says Dr Norman.

“It’s about realising that everything we do is accountable. The decisions we make today have a direct consequence for how we will live in the immediate future.”

Contact: Gary Reese, Campaign Manager, 021 53 52 56 or (04) 801 8054,
Large images are available below:


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