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Gambling in New Zealand

Denise Roche MP
Denise Roche MP
denise [dot] roche [at] parliament [dot] govt [dot] nz (Email)

Gambling is not the future of our economy, and gambling laws should not be for sale.

In November 2013, the Government passed a Bill which bought a convention centre for Auckland: SkyCity might be building it - but New Zealanders are paying for it. In a murky 'back-room' deal, the National Party has signed over concessions to SkyCity which include 470 new pokies and automated gambling table stations, 40 new gambling tables and a licence extension until 2048.

Research clearly shows that more than 10,000 people a year will suffer because of this deal. Problem gambling doesn't just affect the gambler, it affects their families and their communities.

The "deal" is morally corrupt, with your help we fought it every step of the way. We will continue to fight it right up until the 2014 election.

In Government, we will act quickly. We have not committed to uphold the contract or the compensation and we will introduce much tougher rules in casinos and pokie bars.

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