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Union Greens

About us:

The Green Union network (GU) is a group for Green Party members who are union members, organisers or activists. All Green Party members who belong to a union are welcome to join. The Green Party has a well articulated legislative agenda which we work to support by networking and strengthening the links between unions and the Green Party. We also aim to share union organising and campaigning skills within the Party.

The Green Party believes that open, democratic, and meaningful negotiations between employers and workers and their unions need to take place at all levels, in individual and collective bargaining meetings, and in governmental policy development meetings. Equitable and positive industrial relationships will help to minimise industrial disruption and address the inherent power inequalities between employers and employees. Workers should have sufficient bargaining power that they do not need government financial support to obtain a decent income.

The Green Party unequivocally supports the Fairness at Work campaign and has committed to being a strong voice for workers from within and outside of government.

GU has an email list, facebook page and meets once or twice a year to plan activities and network.

Denise Roche is the MP responsible for Industrial Relations.

See Green Party Industrial policies

Contact Us:

If you would like to go on the Green Union email list, union [at] greens [dot] org [dot] nz (contact the list moderators via email). There is also a private Facebook group for network members.

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