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Gareth Hughes MP
Gareth Hughes MP
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Vote now for New Zealand's best beach

The ocean is our planet's heart. Its pulsating currents and tides drive the natural forces which control our weather and clean our atmosphere. And a staggering 80% of all the life on Earth is to be found hidden beneath the waves. But our oceans face huge threats.

The Green Party is working hard to see strong action on climate change, a good Oceans Policy, better protection for our marine mammals, and a more sustainable Fisheries Act.


Our ocean is slowly acidifying. It is absorbing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as our emissions grow. It is harder for shellfish and corals to create skeletons and shells. The cool ocean around Aotearoa is more vulnerable because colder seas absorb CO2 quicker. Without action, we face devastating effects on our marine life and fishing industry within decades.


Overfishing is taking its toll. Orange roughy is in long-term decline and Hoki is heading the same way. Our precious dolphins are dying in commercial set nets - an estimated 110-150 Hector's dolphins are killed every year. Fur seals, sea lions and albatrosses are also being killed in large numbers as by-catch. It's not good enough.

Take Action

At the moment we are working particulary hard to protect our unique marine wildlife and beautiful beaches from the risks of deep sea drilling. Check out to participate in our Green Party initiative to celebrate New Zealand beaches and protect the from the dangers of deep sea drilling.

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