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David Clendon

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Phone: 04 817 6755
Email: david [dot] clendon [at] parliament [dot] govt [dot] nz

Green Party spokesperson for:

Small Business, Corrections and Courts, Justice, Tertiary Education, Research & Technology, Police, Tourism

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David is hard-working and dedicated to building a sustainable New Zealand while here in Parliament.

As one of seven kids raised by working class parents in Ōtara during the sixties and seventies, David has always understood the needs of the most vulnerable. He left school at 15 and worked in a number of management roles before touring the world as a young adult.

On his return to Auckland David settled into life, buying his own food business and introducing the concept of 'bulk-wholefoods' shopping to the Auckland marketplace. After several years of success he moved 'home' to the North, where both his Māori and Pākehā sides are from.

David became actively involved in local politics. Looking around the Hibiscus Coast he became concerned about the New Zealand his daughter would inherit as short-sighted development projects and a disregard for the environment seemed to be the norm.

So in 1990 he left his job managing an engineering supply company, enrolled at university and joined the Green Party. Since then he hasn't looked back. In between campaigning for the Greens he taught sustainable development and politics, and went on to found and run the programme for resource management at UNITEC.

David's business, education and community experience made him an ideal candidate for the Greens, and he entered Parliament in 2009. David remains a strong advocate for a broad-based approach to lifelong learning, and sees education as a public good and a way to realise one's own potential, not just as a ticket into the workforce.

As an MP David has built and maintained positive relationships with the business community. He knows that green businesses are not only environmentally and socially responsible - they are good for the bottom line as well.

David sees the need for cultural change in our justice system. Rehabilitation and restorative measures trump a punishment focus.

In his spare time David likes to work around his property, planting trees and landscaping. He is also a keen motorbike enthusiast and loves his time on the open road.

"The Greens have pro-business policies that will build an economically and environmentally sound future for New Zealand."

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