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Gareth Hughes

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Phone: 04 817 8287
Email: gareth [dot] hughes [at] parliament [dot] govt [dot] nz

Spokesperson for:

Energy, Oceans, Mining (oceans), ICT, Youth, Libraries & Archives

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Gareth has built a career around positive political change. His personal mantra is: Connect, Construct, Contribute.

Since graduating from Victoria University with a degree in Religious Studies, History and Politics, Gareth has been at the centre of campaigns around many of the most pressing issues for New Zealand and the planet.

He co-ordinated the Greenpeace 'Sign On' campaign, mobilising over 200,000 Kiwis to take a stand for climate change action. He worked on successful GE and fishing campaigns and if his green credentials were not already solid, he has also done a stint on the Rainbow Warrior.

His pace has not slowed since entering Parliament in 2010, the youngest MP at the time. His main focuses are clean energy, healthy oceans and internet freedom. Among Gareth's successes are improved regulation and scrutiny in the oil and gas sector; a total ban on shark finning; pushing for international legal action to stop whaling and giving Kiwis the choice to opt-out of receiving phone books.

A tech-savvy MP, Gareth hosts online public meetings, was the first NZ MP to participate in an 'ask me anything' session on the website Reddit and successfully pushed for live streaming of select committees.

Gareth's vision for New Zealand includes supporting the ICT sector, investing in renewable energy and keeping our oceans healthy, all while creating jobs that keep our clean green brand real.

He is a dad to two kids and loves to scuba dive.

"The smart green future will see a richer New Zealand built on clean energy, healthy oceans and a thriving ICT sector."

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