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Jeanette Fitzsimons MP

  Jeanette Fitzsimons was an MP from 1996 till 2010, and was Green Party Co-leader from 1995 until stepping down in June 2009.

Jeanette has been contributing to the energy debate in New Zealand since the nuclear power controversy of the seventies and has published on energy efficiency, sustainable energy and climate change.  Her Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act, passed in May 2000, forms the framework for current policy on sustainable energy.

From 1980 until 1992 Jeanette taught in the Department of Planning at Auckland University, tutoring and lecturing in Environmental Studies and Energy Planning.  During this time she published widely on the public policy aspects of energy and transport planning, management of hazardous substances, climate change, resource management and consumerism.  She has also worked as a consultant for local authorities, regional councils and government departments on these issues, and worked with the government to develop the Land Transport Management Act. 

Jeanette lives with husband Harry on an organic off-the-grid farm in the Coromandel.


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Jeanette Fitzsimons is one of the Green Party Co-Leaders and has been an MP since 1996

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