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Immigration Policy summary

Denise Roche MP
Denise Roche MP
denise [dot] roche [at] parliament [dot] govt [dot] nz (Email)

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We support an appropriate and sustainable flow of migrants, including skilled migrants and those accepted for humanitarian and family reasons.

Our United Nations refugee quota can increase from 750 and we need to prepare for climate change refugees.

New migrants need increased support such as better funded settlement services and English language training.

We need to ensure that temporary migrants have decent working conditions and pathways to residency appropriate to their skills.

Key principles

  • Treat all immigrants with dignity, compassion, and respect in accordance with international conventions on human rights
  • Maintain a sustainable net immigration flow to limit effects on our environment, society and culture.
  • Ensure that new immigrants are welcomed and included in New Zealand society.

Specific Policy Points

Human Rights and Refugees

  • Increase our refugee quota.
  • Increase the resources government makes available for refugees' successful resettlement.
  • Change the system for refugee family reunification from a lottery to a fair process with published priorities and standards.

Selecting Voluntary Migrants

  • Give priority in the skilled migrant category to skills needed for a sustainable society and economy.
  • Require strict scrutiny of applications in the investor category for overall benefit to Aotearoa/NZ
  • Only make decisions to use immigration as an instrument of economic policy openly by an Act of Parliament

Temporary Migrants

  • Require employers to give temporary migrant workers at least the same pay and working conditions as local workers.
  • Allow temporary workers who possess valuable skills to apply for residency.

Informal Migrants

  • Require that all informal immigrants be treated with dignity and compassion, and that their cases be decided according to international law.
  • Require that secret 'intelligence' reports from overseas regimes be considered under legal rules of evidence.

English Tuition for Immigrants

  • Require immigrants in the investor and entrepreneur categories with limited English to enrol in full-fee language courses.

New Zealand Life

  • Provide new immigrants in all categories with information about New Zealand culture.
  • Require all new voluntary migrants granted provisional residency status to demonstrate an awareness of New Zealand's laws and social norms.
  • Establish ongoing community participation in generating an evolving immigration policy, reflecting impacts on local communities.

Adaptation Support for Immigrant Professionals

  • Provide professional bodies with funding support to help immigrants reach the standards needed to practise their professions
  • Encourage the use of practical supervision of those with recognised qualifications as an available route to registration

Refugee and Immigration Services and Administration

  • Fund more support of refugees, including for a period of more than 6 months where required.
  • Impose more vigorous regulation on the immigration consultancy industry
  • Oppose granting Immigration officers increased search and detention powers

Yearly Immigration Quotas

  • Ensure that the setting of immigration levels would be reviewed regularly, based on:
    • net population change;
    • the need to have spare population capacity for returning NZ citizens and climate change refugees
    • the capacity of systems in place to cope fairly and effectively;
    • the ability to encourage settlement outside areas under infrastructure and population capacity stress;
    • the ability of our environment to cope with population increases
    • New Zealand's humanitarian obligations with regard to refugees
  • Exempt marriage, civil union, and de facto partnership reunification from all quotas

Impact on Taonga

  • Take all reasonable steps to prevent immigration numbers and the sale of land to rich immigrants from having an adverse impact on Aotearoa/NZ and its Taonga.
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