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Tiriti o (Treaty of) Waitangi - Policy Summary

Catherine Delahunty MP
catherine [dot] delahunty [at] parliament [dot] govt [dot] nz (Email)
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We are committed to honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi as the living constitutional document of Aotearoa.

Changes to our constitution should only happen with agreement of both the Tiriti parties.

We support restitution for historical and contemporary breaches of Te Tiriti.

We recognise Te Tiriti is important for all New Zealanders as it gives Pakeha a right to stand in this land, and it guarantees protection of Maori rights and autonomy.

Key Principles

The Green Party:

  • Affirms that te Tiriti o Waitangi remains a living and fundamental constitutional document.
  • Acknowledges the indigenous language version of te Tiriti as the legitimate text.
  • Supports the resolution of, and restitution for, all outstanding historical and contemporary breaches of te Tiriti by the Crown and its representatives.
  • Believes there is a need for an ongoing dialogue around te Tiriti.

Policy Highlights

  • A public information and awareness programme on te Tiriti o Waitangi.
  • The development of a time frame for the lodging of settlement claims, with the intention of vigorously moving the process forward while not sacrificing fairness.
  • Adequate resources, people, money and information for the claims process, and for claimants to properly prepare their claims.
  • Widespread Maori support is needed for any deadline for lodging and settling claims, and if a deadline is set, there must be mutual agreement between Maori and the Crown.
  • All claimants to have the opportunity to have their land and resources returned to them.
  • Increased resources for the Waitangi Tribunal; increased transparency and accountability.
  • Support Maori initiatives in the areas of justice, health and education.
  • Ensure that Maori have a partnernship role in determining immigration policy.
  • Entrenchment of the Maori seats so there is guaranteed representation for Maori in Parliament.
  • Enable Maori voters to change from the General to the Maori roll, or vice versa, at any time.
  • Guaranteed tangata whenua participation in local governance.
  • An ongoing dialogue on how shared guardianship can be developed to protect and enhance our natural heritage.
  • The role of hapu as kaitiaki of their rohe must be recognised and strengthened.
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