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Work and Employment - Policy Summary

Gareth Hughes MP
Gareth Hughes MP
gareth [dot] hughes [at] parliament [dot] govt [dot] nz (Email)
Read the Work and Employment Policy.

We are committed to full employment with dignity and a living income.

We can provide more state assistance for skills training and apprenticeships, and job search support.

We can help new migrants into jobs, including through providing bridging courses for those with professional backgrounds.

Government policy can recognise the contribution of volunteering and unpaid work to society and the economy, including the work of parents and caregivers.

Key Principles

  • The ability to participate in the paid workforce is essential for self esteem, physical, mental and spiritual well-being, and for a sense of contributing to society.
  • The Green Party is committed to full employment with dignity and a living income, and rejects the idea that economic stability requires either a significant level of unemployment or a low level of protection for those in the paid workforce.
  • Everyone needs time to relax, pursue personal interests, and nurture their family and friendships.
  • We value the dignity and worth of volunteering and of the work involved in nurturing children and other dependents.

Specific Policy Points

  • Improve the ways we measure paid and unpaid work and unemployment so that we can gain a more accurate picture of what's going on.
  • Establish a high-level commission into the future of work.
  • Increase the minimum wage and ensure it cannot fall below 66% of the average wage.
  • Shift tax from work and enterprise onto pollution and wasted resources.
  • Ensure government policy recognises the contribution of unpaid work to society and the economy, including the work of parents and caregivers.
  • A greater commitment to proactive job creation, including more public sector support for self-employment, small businesses, co-operative and community-owned enterprises, and for employment resource centres and agencies that train and support people going into business.
  • Expand the apprenticeship programme.
  • Greater availability of bridging courses for immigrants in professions that New Zealand needs.
  • Promote and ensure equal opportunities and pay equity.
  • More resources for vocational advice and employment support, including for women, Maori and Pacific Island peoples, disabled and other statistically lower-paid groups.
  • Access to careers advice and job search support for all registered unemployed (and other beneficiaries should they so choose) as soon as they register as jobseekers.
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