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Greens offer brighter thinking on energy

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"Everything we do depends on energy, and if our energy supply is not sustainable, then neither is our economy or our way of life"

Co-Leader Jeanette Fitzsimons is delivering that message with the launch of the Greens' 2005 Energy Policy, 'Growing a Brighter Future'.

"The Greens are the only party with a plan to keep the lights on without compromising our environment or heating up the atmosphere.

"New Zealand is facing the combined threats of climate change, Peak Oil and the depletion of the Maui gas reserves. In that situation, wasting energy is dumb and burning more fossil fuel is stupid. We have to have brighter ideas than that.

"We have to grow our renewable industries - solar, wind, biomass, and eventually wave and coastal power. It can't happen overnight, so we have to start now.

"We also have to grow our energy efficiency - a much brighter idea than giant pylons and houses that leak heat.

"The Greens' Energy Policy is the most comprehensive plan to make our energy system sustainable ever put to New Zealanders.

"We have real answers here for households who struggle to pay power bills and still shiver - a fairer pricing system, a network of 'one-stop shops' around the country for energy advice, more homes insulated and damp-proofed and a proposal to bring down the price of solar water heating by growing the industry," said Ms Fitzsimons.

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