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Greens welcome Law Com call for independent body for MPs expenses

Metiria Turei MP
Metiria Turei MP
metiria [dot] turei [at] parliament [dot] govt [dot] nz (Email)

The Law Commission will table a report in Parliament today that calls for an independent authority to be responsible for MPs' expenses and entitlements.

"An independent body is urgently needed to look after MPs' expenses and entitlements. John Key needs to listen to the Law Commission's report and make the recommended changes," said Green Party Co-leader Metiria Turei.

Since the Green Party led the disclosure of MPs' expenses last year, there have been a number of investigations into MPs use of expenses. Four of those investigations have concerned Ministers in John Key's Government.

"The Green Party has been campaigning for an independent overhaul of the system as the current system isn't working and it is undermining public confidence in Parliament.

"The Law Commission report comes to the same conclusion as Doug Kidd's Appropriation Review that a new independent system is needed. It is time for change, it is time for the other parties to start listening.

"Parliamentary Services Commission recently blocked a move by the Green Party to set up an independent body for MPs' expenses. MPs on the Parliamentary Service Commission clearly have a conflict of interest," added Mrs Turei.

"The public deserves a system that is simple, clear and fair. Our proposal for an independent body has clearly been supported by the public, the Law Commission and the Appropriations review. The writing is on the wall, let's clean up the system once and for all," said Mrs Turei.

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