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Need for transparency in Super City

Sue Kedgley MP
Sue Kedgley MP
David Clendon MP
David Clendon MP
david [dot] clendon [at] parliament [dot] govt [dot] nz (Email)

The Green Party is calling on Auckland's Councils and the Auckland Transition Agency (ATA) to be open and transparent about staff redundancies and possible golden handshakes.

"There is no reason why the Council and Transition Agency should seek to keep secret the amounts of money paid in redundancy packages to chief executives," Green Party Local Government spokesperson Sue Kedgley said.

"Ratepayers of Auckland are entitled to reassurance that the upper management of the existing councils will not be walking away from their current jobs with large golden handshakes."

The Herald reported today that the ATA had not disclosed how much had been set aside for council chief executives made redundant by the formation of Auckland Super City.

Ms Kedgley said there was no reason why these figures should not be public.

Green Party Super City spokesperson David Clendon also said that while the overall salary savings from the merger looked attractive on paper the estimates failed to take into account fees of consultants.

"Mr Hide and the ATA have been quick to talk about savings but are much less willing to reveal the true costs," Mr Clendon said.

"When local bodies restructure it inevitably leads to inadequate capacity and the need to hire or contract back former staff as consultants at higher rates.

"There is a major focus from Super City candidates on infrastructure development and forward planning, yet there is a real possibility the new Council will lack the 'in-house' capacity to do that work.

"Aucklanders are likely to end up paying dearly for external advice and assistance from consultants," Mr Clendon said.

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