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Wellingtonians save their beloved trolley buses

Action by Wellingtonians had once again saved their trolley bus fleet, Green Party Transport Spokesperson Sue Kedgley says.

After several months where the main players were locked in a Mexican stand-off that put the trolley buses seriously at risk, a deal has been successfully struck between the Stagecoach bus operators and Wellington regional council, and approved by Land Transport New Zealand.

"I'm delighted that an icon has been saved, and Wellington's future is better because of it. While other cities are totally reliant on oil for their public transport, we have an alternative network that uses renewable energy sources. Trolleys emit no diesel fumes either, so Wellington is less polluted than other cities because of them.

"It is worth reminding ourselves that this has been the second time Wellingtonians have thwarted efforts to get the trolley buses removed from Wellington," Ms Kedgley says.

"In the 1980's Dunedin and Auckland got rid of their trolley buses, but Wellingtonians have stopped the same thing happening here by dint of their protests.

"Once again we have shown that the people of Wellington support environmentally friendly, sustainable transport like the trolleys and are not prepared to let short sighted officials put it at risk.

"Now that the future of the trolley buses is assured, we need to explore even more environmentally friendly options such as using wind energy as a source of electricity generation."

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