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Green Party Purpose

Green Party

Our Purpose as a Green Party is to put our Charter, Values and Vision into practice by:

  • Achieving electoral success, supporting our elected representatives and nurturing those that will follow them
  • Seeking political change through fostering and developing community-based Green action
  • Honestly representing those who share our Vision and principles when making public policy and legislation, and when taking part in dialogue and debate
  • Engaging individuals and communities in lively and constructive civic discussion and decision-making
  • Encouraging creative policy exploration and debate among members and supporters
  • Working constructively with all those who want to contribute to achieving Green Goals
  • Campaigning for effective alternatives when challenging unjust and unsustainable ideas and practices
  • Practising and promoting Green ways of living and of expressing Green Values in our political activity
  • Building an organisation which can effectively mobilise resources to produce change
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