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Rainbow Greens

About us:

The Greens' fundamental values lead us to promote an inclusive society in which each minority group feels at home, without having to compromise who we are. As such the Green Party is the only political party in which every MP has always voted in favour of human rights for LBGTI communities.

Every Green MP voted for:
• Human Rights Amendment Bill (2001)
• Property (Relationships) Amendment Act (2001)
• Civil Union Act (2004)
• Relationships (Statutory References) Act (2004)
• Care of Children Act (2004)

We in the Rainbow community are natural champions of diversity - with a potential to enrich everyone. The Rainbow Greens are a nationwide organisation for anyone who considers themselves part of the Rainbow community and is a Green Party member. We liaise with the Party, itself, about Rainbow issues that we feel need to be addressed, and we have a female and a male spokesperson who speak for us about public Rainbow Issues from a Rainbow Green perspective.

Our spokespeople are selected by us and confirmed by the Party. We meet about twice a year at national conferences, such as at the Green Party's AGM or policy conference. Some of us also have a presence at the local level through Rainbow Green stalls, at events such as 'the Big Gay Out', and we hope to develop our local presence more. Most of the time we keep in touch through an email list, which is a low traffic list.

"Rather than gay and lesbian people needing to 'fit in' we would actually say that society needs to change to reflect the genuine diversity of its numbers." Kevin Hague, Green Party MP and spokesperson for Rainbow Issues - Nov 2008.

See Green Party Rainbow policies

Contact Us:

If you have any questions or comments please contact us:
Jan Logie: jan [dot] logie [at] parliament [dot] govt [dot] nz
Kevin Hague: kevin [dot] hague [at] parliament [dot] govt [dot] nz

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