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Stop the GCSB Bill

The date for sending in a submission on this issue has passed.

John Key thinks New Zealanders don't care about the GCSB Bill. Send John Key a message and tell him he's wrong. New Zealanders do care. We value our right to privacy and our democratic rights, and want the GCSB Bill to be stopped.

Tell John Key to stop the GCSB bill now.

The Government Communication Security Bureau (GCSB) was caught illegally spying on dozens and dozens of New Zealanders. Instead of facing the consequences of breaking the law, the Government is rewarding the GCSB with new wider powers to make spying on New Zealanders legal.

This is a fundamental attack on our right to privacy and our right to be free of mass state surveillance. There is no justification for this expansion of powers.

The GCSB bill gives the GCSB the power to:

  • spy directly on New Zealanders to assist the Police, the Defence Force and the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS)
  • get warrants, not just for a specified individual, but also for a "class of people" - they don't have to say which individuals might be included
  • share what they find out about ordinary Kiwi's with other spy agencies around the world

This will all happen without any serious oversight. We aren't allowed to ask questions about how the GCSB works operationally, and we're expected to trust John Key to monitor the GCSB.

We don't need this flawed and rushed law change. What we need is a wide ranging, independent look at how to actually fix our broken intelligence agencies.

More information: Read our minority report to the Intelligence and Security committee on the GCSB Bill

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