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Help save NZ’s Maui’s dolphins from extinction

Gareth Hughes MP
Gareth Hughes MP
gareth [dot] hughes [at] parliament [dot] govt [dot] nz (Email)

The date for sending in a submission on this issue has passed.

There are an estimated 55 adult Maui's dolphins left in the world, and they live only in New Zealand. Help save these magnificent animals by having your say on important protection measures.

Thank you to the people who, in April of this year, wrote to Government about the interim measures to protect Maui's dolphins. Now is the next step. The Government is reviewing its Maui's Dolphin Threat Management Plan and wants to know what you think. If you love Maui's dolphins and want to help save them from extinction, tell the Government that the proposed protection options aren't strong enough.

Below is a suggested submission that you are free to personalise. It will be sent to the Ministry of Primary Industries and the Ministry of Conservation, and will, as part of the submissions process, be made public.

Make sure you add your address and phone number at the top of the email and indicate if you want these details to be kept confidential.

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