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Protect Pureora Forest Park

Russel Norman MP
Russel Norman MP
russel [dot] norman [at] parliament [dot] govt [dot] nz (Email)
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The date for sending in a submission on this issue has passed.

We won! Thanks to you and thousands of others like you, we have again saved the beautiful Pureora Forest Park, this time from destructive mining activity.

Mining has no place in this park which belongs to all New Zealanders to enjoy.

About Pureora

Pureora Forest Park, home to some of New Zealand’s last 1,000 year old giant totara trees and endangered kokako, is now under threat from new mines. 

What you can do

Help us protect Pureora. We have until 8th May to tell the National Government that Pureora is too precious to mine. Send a message now

The outcome of the bidding process for exploration permits will be announced on 9th May. 

Now is the time to tell Simon Bridges that mining has no place in Pureora. 

We know that with enough pressure from ordinary New Zealanders like you we can protect Pureora from mining. In 2010, people power forced the Government to back down on its plans to mine in Paparoa National Park. Together we can do it again. 

Pureora's history

New Zealanders have a proud history of protecting Pureora. In the late 1970s, Shirley Guildford, Stephen King, and others protested proposed logging of the area by sitting on a platform high up in the towering totara they wished to protect. Thanks to their efforts, logging plans were abandoned and the area became protected conservation land - Pureora Forest Park.

The National Government has no respect for the history and importance of this place. Energy Minister Simon Bridges has proposed mineral exploration permits over 8,040.3 km2 of the central north island, including much of Pureora Forest Park. 

Send a message now

Below is a suggested email to Simon Bridges which you can edit and personalise. Let’s turn up the heat and force the Government to back down on plans to mine Pureora. 

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