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National Park or National disgrace?

Eugenie Sage MP
Eugenie Sage MP
eugenie [dot] sage [at] parliament [dot] govt [dot] nz (Email)

Creating the Routeburn Tunnel would be like mining in a National Park. Why would you want to travel under the world's most pristine landscape? A proposed 11.3km long private tunnel from Glenorchy to the Hollyford Valley would cut straight through Middle Earth.

This is our World Heritage Area - a status that we stand to lose if the tunnel goes ahead.The tunnel would benefit its promoters, Milford Dart Ltd, and construction and earthmoving companies, but not our natural heritage - our National Parks. It would only be open to bus tours; not to cars or to the public.

Please share the film and write to Prime Minister John Key (j [dot] key [at] ministers [dot] govt [dot] nz) and DoC Director-General Al Morrison (amorrison [at] doc [dot] govt [dot] nz) telling them why you think the tunnel should not go ahead.

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Eugenie Sage's response to the Prime Minister's statement

A richer New Zealand is not about more motorways and more irrigation and more mining and more environmental destruction. It is not about something you measure just on a balance sheet; it is measured in the hearts of people across this beautiful country of ours.

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